Many Voices One Mission: From the Inside

Charles Ericson


"There is an easy, sometimes playful energy of collegiality among us that can escalate into laughter or occasionally bring forth a tear. "— Rev. Chuck Ericson

A Memorial Reflection

Grace Winakor


TAWFG Apprentice Grace Winakor reflects on a recent memorial service she attended and a lesson she learned about relationships.

Many Voices One Mission: Partners

Karen Ziel


"The best and most effective partnerships are formed in the context of communities, organizations, and families within whom these values and this way of being are deeply formed."— Karen Ziel

Many Voices, One Mission: It's All About Relationship

Debbie Gline Allen


"Faith is more caught than taught." —Debbie Gline Allen

Is Your Church Approaching a Financial Cliff?

Charles Kuchenbrod

Susan Townsley


Is your church approaching a financial cliff? Wondering how to avoid going off the edge? Read on for a primer on how churches wind up on the edge of the cliff, and to hear about some upcoming learning opportunities to help reverse direction. ?

Many Voices, One Mission: A Community of Colleagues – and Colleagues in Community

Mary Nelson


"Sure, I can connect with *more* people online than I can in person, but these connections aren’t very high quality." — Rev. Mary Nelson

2019 CTUCC Special Meeting: Conference Minister's Address

Kent Siladi


Text of the Conference Minister's Address at the May 18, 2019 Special Meeting of the Connecticut Conference, UCC.

2019 CTUCC Special Meeting: Rev. Nicewander's Sermon

Kari Nicewander


Text of Rev. Kari Nicewander's sermon at the May 18, 2019 Special Meeting of the Connecticut Conference, UCC.

Many Voices One Mission: Being Open to a New Way

Martha Goodman


"I don’t know about you, but the simpler way isn’t always obvious to me." — Martha Goodman

A Short Time; A Big Opportunity to Witness

Grace O'Connor


As a follow-up to my initial blog post at the start of my internship with CTUCC, here are some of my reflections on the past semester: It seems hard to believe that a whole semester has already passed.  On one hand, it feels as though I am still just beginning, but on the other, I know I have gained a huge amount of valuable experiences and knowledge during my relatively short time here at CTUCC.  Looking back on this time, I understand why I often felt so busy.  I attended many ...

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